Full Name
Diamond Dallas Page
Job Title
DDP Yoga
Speaker Bio
Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) is a guy you need to know. For the past 16 years, he’s been inspiring people worldwide to be healthier through better fitness and nutrition, using the simple phrase “Own Your Life.” Search for DDP online, and you’ll find more than the man himself; you’ll find hundreds of thousands of fans, and just as many incredible stories focused on the positive impact he’s had on their lives.

But DDP wouldn’t be able to change the lives of so many without an incredible story of his own. At 35, he became the oldest rookie in pro wrestling history, an impossible task considering most wrestlers were close to hanging it up by then. At 40, he was one of wrestling’s biggest draws, side-by-side with the likes of Randy “Macho Man” Savage, Hulk Hogan, and Bill Goldberg. At 42, just when he had the world in a “Diamond Cutter,” he broke his back, rupturing his L4 and L5 discs.

It was over…At least that’s what the doctors said.

The world soon found out, however, that DDP has a knack for creating possible out of impossible. He started looking for ways to heal his back, finding the solution in the one thing he wouldn’t be caught dead doing; yoga. A pro wrestler who’s “Six-foot four, two-hundred and fifty-five pounds of chiseled stone and B-A double D, bad to the bone!” doing yoga?! You’re kidding, right?

No kidding, it worked, but it wasn’t enough. So, Dallas teamed up with trainers, nutritionists, and kinesiologists to create a workout that blends yoga positions, sports rehab therapy, calisthenics, and dynamic resistance into a oneof-a-kind fitness program. DDPY was born, and DPP was back in the ring at 42. The results? 3 World Heavyweight Championships, more than a decade of dominance in the ring, induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, and the creation of the most effective workout on the planet. Today, DDP is still creating possible out of impossible while helping thousands of others do the same. Designed to help anyone, anywhere, anytime, DDPY works and has the testimonials to prove it. As DDP says, “Whether you want to get in great shape or just get out of bed without struggling, DDPY will help you Own Your Life.”
Diamond Dallas Page