Full Name
Jonathan Whistman
Job Title
Preception Predict
Speaker Bio
If you're an entrepreneur or business owner seeking insights to propel your venture forward, Jonathan Whistman is a voice you don’t want to miss. As the CEO
of PerceptionPredict.ai and WhoHire.com, Jonathan commands a deep knowledge of building and scaling businesses. His best-selling book, 'The Sales Boss', stands as a clear indicator of his expertise.

Jonathan specializes in aiding clients in constructing efficient teams, tailored to their business’s unique requirements. His targeted approach mitigates the anguish and disappointment that often result from recruiting incompatible talent. From the beginning of his career, Jonathan has been building his own businesses from the ground up. CNN Money recognized his acumen by featuring him, and his ventures were listed among the Top 50 High-Growth Companies during Global Entrepreneur Week. He is regarded as a trailblazer at the intersection of technology and human potential. Jonathan’s work helps driven entrepreneurs build a team that matches the size of their vision, amplifies their business's positive impact
on the community, and gives them personal freedom.

Jonathan’s story is one of overcoming adversity in both business and in life. Jonathan was raised in a religious cult and spent over 1,000 hours annually for over a decade knocking on strangers doors. Breaking free of the cult, but using the lessons learned he has gone on to impact many for good. Besides becoming a CEO and recognized expert in the entrepreneurial world, Jonathan is also an outdoor enthusiast who has hiked the 500-mile Camino de Santiago, a foot journey that starts in France and traverses the Pyrenees Mountains . Today, Jonathan continues to help others with the experience he has gained from his lifetime of accomplishments.
Jonathan Whistman