Full Name
Jody Underhill
Job Title
Rapid Hire Pro
Speaker Bio
Jody Underhill is an established internet marketing and recruiting strategist who helps organizations leverage social media to share their message to increase profits and recruit and retain A players on their team.

He has worked with DigitalMarketer.com, Darren Hardy, the publisher of Success Magazine, Winner of Last Comic standing John Heffron, along with national and international corporations on marketing strategies.

Jody has blended his unique experience as an Executive Director with a Fortune 250 company along with his meteoric rise as one of the most sought after marketing digital strategists for local businesses and blended it into a “unique recruiting process” exclusively for the Home Services industry.

As CEO of RapidHirePro.com he has grown the business from inception to working with 100+ home service companies in just 12 months.

Jody is a popular speaker for numerous national and international organizations, events and forums related to marketing and recruiting, speaking on how to effectively integrate internet marketing into your overall marketing and business goals.

You can see more about his unique processes, strategies and what clients are saying about www.RapidHirePro.com or contact him at jody@rapidhirepro.com
Jody Underhill