Full Name
Kelly Mesaris
Job Title
General Manager
Dilling HVAC
Speaker Bio
Powerhouse in the home service industry, Kelly Mesaris is a dedicated mother of 2 and a seasoned professional in HVAC sales & operations. Kelly stands at the helm of excellence as a General Manager at Dillings. She's not just any manager – she's a small business expert who knows how to get things done.

Kelly’s journey extends far beyond the realm of management. Recognized as a small business trailblazer, her remarkable achievements are highlighted by 200% year-over-year growth accomplished by her previous company – a testament to her unparalleled commitment to taking action.

But it's not just about the numbers for Kelly. She's all about smashing barriers and reaching goals. She is inspired by overcoming challenges and staying true to her core values of uniqueness, authenticity and growth. She is passionate about fostering gender diversity in the predominantly male-dominated home service industry, and inspiring women across the industry to excel in their roles.

A female leader on the front lines of HVAC, Kelly is a beacon of knowledge, inspiration, and transformation. Her insights are certain to leave an indelible mark upon those she serves.
Kelly Mesaris