Full Name
Keith Mercurio
Job Title
Ethical Influence Group
Speaker Bio
By my early twenties, I had adopted the belief that the world was unfair, and the identity that I was a victim to it. I had failed out of college and into a floundering career as a plumbing apprentice, and I blamed a lot of people and circumstances for the way my life had turned out. But along the way, a few mentors who never gave up on me helped me discover that it was how I was choosing to see myself that was determining my results and that if I wanted more, I would need to become more. This discovery elevated my career, and in my path from plumber, to salesman, to trainer, speaker and coach, I have discovered that identity is what drives the outcomes of our businesses and our lives.

Through speaking and coaching, I serve leaders to transform their identity to influence the culture and performance of their businesses. In the past 12 years I've spoken to nearly 30,000 people on the topics of leadership, influence, sales, and personal development. I've dedicated over 10,000 hours in front of audiences mastering the art and science of facilitation and engagement, and the remaining time obsessing over how to be better. As a coach, my mission is to help unlock a magic level of influence in already exceptional leaders by helping them transform their identities.

This work has given me the chance to share the stage with some of the most brilliant minds I’ve ever encountered, including John Maxwell, Pat Lencioni, Gino Wickman, Robert Cialdini, Joe Navarro, Les Brown, Lior Suchard, David Rendall, and Vinh Giang. If there are names on that list you don’t know, please look them up, hire them, and learn from them. They are extraordinary.

Likely lesser known names, but even more exceptional, are the friends, family and colleagues who have supported me through every turn. Dennis, Faith, Andy, and Kerry Mercurio, Dan Friesen, Sheri Bennefeld, Dave Boduch, Gina Baratto, Jack Tester, Julian Scadden, Jason Kunz, Josh Neumann, Brendan Finn, Nate Bleu, Tyler Lorenzen, Bobby Hamilton, and Lauren and Jon Nykvist have fed my knowledge, shaped my character, and engrained my commitment more than they may ever know.

Above all, my work continues to be supported and humbled by my beautiful and brilliant wife, Brynn, who reminds me, consistently, to . . .

. . . live the message I share.
Keith Mercurio